The possible implications of broad based nutrition taken all at once (February 2007)

Posted on July 13, 2009


***Important Note #1 dated 8/1/2011: My son Willy and I made a simple co-discovery regarding combining the entire range of essential nutrients in supplement form (or liquid form if preferred). This co-discovery does a number of things. (1) It promises to help the health of many tens of millions. (2) It threatens the collapse of pharmaceutical medicine. (3) It also threatens some very powerful nutritional supplements being taken away from us (via bribery of the law), ESPECIALLY free form amino acids. (4) Lastly, this co-discovery is likely to soon cost me my life. Allen***

***Important Note #2 dated 8/1/2011: I stand behind every word that was written about four years ago in the below material except the words expressing any doubt, such as “may” or “may be”. I am certain of the thrust of what is expressed below. Allen***

Dear friends:

I am very disappointed in a medical model that continues to prescribe “drugs and only drugs” for bipolar disorder and ADHD. The medical model apparently leaves it to those persons affected by such illnesses (or their parents or other loved ones) to find “common sense answers” such as that which my son Willy used to become so profoundly well.

Thankfully, my son Willy has stumbled on to what may be found to be “the healing idea of the century” some day… that of “very broad based nutritional supplementation taken all at once”. (I call this “Willy’s baggie”. Willy’s baggie contains a wide array of supplements, to include broad based vitamins, broad based minerals, broad based essential fatty acids, broad based free form amino acids, the critical nutrient combination of carnitine and phosphatidyl choline, and a number of key and/or helpful cofactors such as digestive enzymes, blue green algae, spirulina, chlorella, coconut oil, querticin, grapeseed extract, and milk thistle.).

The “common sense answer” (nutrients work in synergy with each other, of course!) that Willy’s baggie represents, when coupled with the effective administration of probiotics as well, certainly seems to have generated one of the most profound mental and physical health recoveries on the planet. It is inevitable that this “common sense answer” (Willy’s baggie), in one version or another, will generate many more profound health recoveries similar to that of my son.

Incidentally, Willy’s amazing ADHD and childhood bipolar recovery was no accident. Despite the fact that Willy himself “invented” the crucial key to his own recovery by insisting that I put all of the supplements that I thought would help him in to one Ziplock bag for him to take “all at once”, it was I that had a pretty good idea of what to put in to this baggie. (I have personally taken over 100,000 capsules of free form amino acids and so much else supplement-wise since 1997.)

I certainly admit to the fact that Willy’s baggie is not perfect. Very simply put, it is the best combination of supplements that we have come up with thus far. Willy’s baggie could admittedly use some refinement… either by “the experts” in nutritional or biological science, or by other laypersons similar to Willy and I (persons that simply purchase a wide array of supplements and start combining them wisely, and then report their results on the Internet).

Willy’s “common sense answer” of “broad based nutrition taken all at once” does not just apply conceptually to bipolar disorder and ADHD. It also happens to apply, at least conceptually, to the proper treatment of depression (it is destined to make all antidepressants obsolete). His “common sense answer” also applies, at least conceptually, to the proper resolution of almost all cases of substance abuse (alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin, etc.). His “common sense answer” also applies to many physical (degenerative) and mental illnesses (besides ADHD and bipolar disorder) as well.

In addition to all of the above, Willy’s “common sense answer” applies, at least conceptually, to anti-aging. Almost everyone that has ingested the Standard American diet (S.A.D.) and is over forty or fifty years of age is likely to have accumulated a number of essential nutrient deficiencies. Willy’s baggie, or a close rendition thereof, represents a rather profound intervention for such. I am of the opinion that many people would live decades longer by the regular use of “broad based nutrients taken all at once”, assuming such use was begun before “too much damage was done”. I also believe that many persons in their old age that have used such (broad based nutrients) regularly for years would not be as nearly health impaired as “the norm” (vs. other persons their age).

And last but not least, Willy’s baggie, or a close rendition thereof, would shorten the recovery time from almost any major surgery dramatically… as the healing process is so nutrient dependent. The medical model sure does not want this application of broad based nutritional supplements to surgical recovery to happen. Why not? Because it would almost assuredly wake up the masses to the tremendous power of “therapeutic nutrition applied properly”, as well as cut down on hospital stays (and thus medical revenue) markedly.

In essence, Willy’s baggie, or a close rendition thereof, represents one key part (it is not the only part, of course) of “a foundation healing therapy” to recover (or retain) human health.

Although it may take decades to occur (revolutionary new truths have historically taken decades to be accepted), I cannot help but feel that millions of persons will inevitably be thankful to my son. The problem here of course is that modern medicine only makes money from the prescription of drugs. Out of fiscal self interest (involving many tens of billions of dollars) modern medicine has to summarily ignore my son Willy’s amazing ADHD and bipolar recovery and all of the invaluable lessons that it may have taught us. The only hope for forward motion of my son Willy’s breakthrough discovery of “very broad based nutritional supplementation taken all at once” may have to come from private parties that are outside the confines of drug oriented medicine altogether.

Incidentally, Willy’s recovery is not the first major contribution that I have tried to make to the world. Seven years ago I had learned how to profoundly change the level of virtually all of my neurotransmitters naturally in less than a single day. (This understanding is contained in the document titled “Concepts and Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally”.) For the past seven years I could be suicidally depressed at 8 o’clock in the morning and barely able to get out of bed, and then as a result of a self-applied natural therapy I could be fine in both mood and function late in the afternoon of the very same day. What I have known for the past seven years in regard to the treatment of depression is inevitably going to help millions of persons some day.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find any collaborative help whatsoever, such that the significant new truths that I have discovered as a layman are acted upon by other persons that are capable of moving these discoveries forward. Perhaps my son Willy’s amazing ADHD and childhood bipolar recovery story will soon end this seven year impasse, such that some party (or parties) will finally act appropriately on what I have to say.


Allen Darman

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