Willy’s Baggie And/Or Willy’s Baggie II Along With The Rest Of What Allen D Knows Is The World’s Best Approach To Joint Healing, Bone Healing And Wound Healing Of All Sorts

According to Allen D…

“Unfortunately, one or more of Willy’s Baggie Supplement Sources was Almost Certainly CORRUPTED such that Willy’s Baggies “do not work as they should”.  (Until this situation is corrected, I would hold off on spending the money to try any Willy’s Baggie formula.)”

The Discovery of Willy’s Baggie was the Alternative Medical Discovery of the Century, If Not of All Time.  It had to be Corrupted by Big Pharma (by using their Mafia friends).  Willy’s Baggie Of Broad Spectrum Nutritional Supplements Does So Much for So Many. It simply had to be stopped by Big Pharma, the Mafia (who is “in bed with Big Pharma”) and the U.S. Government (who is “in bed with Big Pharma as well”).

“God forbid the above paragraph’s Major Point being realized by the Patriot Movement or the American Public.  It would Spark a Justifiable Revolution in America for sure.” 

“If you are not familiar with my Alternative Medical Discoveries, Co-Discoveries and Other Alternative Medical Knowledge, I suggest reading a NutrientsCure dot WordPress dot Com blog I wrote on March 28, 2011.”

Its Title is “Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me”.

The Above Blog tells “where my heart lies”. 

Incidentally, within a few days of almost completing this blog, the Mafia tried to kill me in Phoenix Arizona for four days in a row.  This “Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me” was never completed edit-wise due to this.  (I suggest that you use Google and Do a Title Search using cut and paste if you wish to read this historic WordPress blog.)

“Without knowing where my heart lies, People often misconstrue what I am boldly stating (such as the Title and most of the Copy of this Landmark… if not Historic… WordPress blog).”

“Most of my Alternative Medical Knowledge and Discoveries are contained in one or both of the Two Major Organizational Blogs I wrote in this regard.  One is titled “The Gist of NutrientsCure.WordPress.com” and the other is titled “The FDA Will Mandate That Mental Illness Cannot Be Cured”.  Both of these blogs are easily found using Google to do a Title Search.

“Drug oriented medicine Fell To The Truth as a result of what my son Willy Darman and I co-discovered in 2004/2006.  This is one of the big reasons behind the Obamacare Mandate.  Without Federal Mandate of Drug Oriented Medicine, both Big Pharma and the corrupt U.S Federal Government are done.”

Allen D (with much appreciated help from his Heroic WordPress Collaborative PATRIOT Website Development Team)


The Title, Copy and Tags for this Landmark WillysBaggie.WordPress.com Blog were Written Primarily While Offline on an $80. Kyocera Rise Smart Phone while Traveling by Greyhound Bus from Arcata CA to Oakland CA on October 1, 2013.

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