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I like the #2 Choice that Facebook Made in regard to my Facebook Wall Year In Review for 2013.

The “Introducing the Concept of a Healing House” Blog was quite popular when it was first circulated in Yahoo Groups and other places on the Internet in 2007.

“The Trilogy Idea” that—>

(a) One Should Take Responsibility for His or Her Own Health,

(b) Be HONESTLY, Thoroughly and Properly Educated >>>In Layman’s Terms<<< How To Do So, and

(c) Have Access To The Entire Nutritional Supplement Range that my son Willy and/or I did (Willy’s Original Baggie and/or Willy’s Baggie ii, plus probiotics taken separately.) —>

Is A Enormous Threat To The Powers That Be, to include Pharmaceutical Medicine Worldwide, the U.S. Federal Government and any Other Federal Government Worldwide that Backs PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICINE by Law.



The picture above shows my eldest son Willy Darman at about seventeen and a half years old >>>after he applied a wide range of Nutritional and Natural Supplements to himself for three and a half years<<<, and he used a few simple lessons that I taught him verbally, and used a little of his own Common Sense.

What My Son Willy Did Between August of 2004 and February of 2008 Exposed the Enormous Hoax of Drug Oriented Medicine!, if the Truth Ever Became Known! No More ADHD! No More Bipolar Disorder! and No More Weak and Sickly Childhood Health!

The Picture below shows my eldest son Willy’s Health at the hands of conventional medicine. This picture represents my son Willy at about ten and a half years of age, after being on Ritalin for about four years for an ADHD diagnosis and classic bipolar symptoms. At this point in his life Willy was not very happy, and he had Both Seriously Compromised Mental and Physical Health.

Essentially I taught Willy verbally >>the Basic Facts that He Needed To Know<<
In Order to Become >>>An Effective Doctor of Himself<<<, and
>>>I also gave Willy the Supplement Tools<<< that he needed to do so.
Willy did the rest!

[Notes: Most of The Ideas Below were first Published to the Internet on a discontinued blogging platform called Yahoo 360 in the summer of 2007.  The copy below is in the process of being Upgraded beginning on JAN 4, 2014.  The material below will be worked on for a few days or so.  It’s a Miracle that I am still Alive to write these words, and that I have the Time to Begin to Upgrade the Material Below.  I Have So Many Persons to Thank for this.  You All Know Who You Are!  (((Thanks So Much!!! 4 Your Support In One Way Or Another!))) Allen D]


Dear Fellow Americans and Citizens of the World:

Most of the copy below was written in the summer of 2007, over two years before the first OF MANY attempts on my life. Please take this in mind when reading this blog.

I’d like to introduce a New Healing Model to the world.

I believe that this new healing model would far surpass any other,as it is one that teaches you to become “an effective doctor of yourself”.

This New Healing Model is a self-empowering one.

It is Self-Empowering because it is one that teaches you how to properly care for your own body, from a—>

(1) Nutrient Sufficiency standpoint (no American that eats the Standard American Diet is Not Broadly Essential Nutrient Deficient),

(2) Allergic And Hidden Allergic Foods Exposure Reduction standpoint (hidden food allergies are rampant in America due to GMO foods and for other reasons as well),

(3) Toxic Exposure Reduction standpoint, to Include Toxins that are Internally Generated inside you (we all have toxins, and can learn how to partially or fully detoxify ourselves),

(4) Bad Biology Reduction standpoint (we all have bad biology in ourselves, and we can learn how to greatly reduce it or clear it out entirely),


(5) Malabsorption standpoint.

Malabsorption means that you are pooping out too many of the nutrients in the food you eat, due to “something being amiss” in your gastrointestinal tract.

This “something that is amiss” is something that you yourself can both identify and fix, without needing the services of any doctor whatsoever.

A Doctor Would Be Counterproductive To The Equation in Regard To The Resolution of All Of The Above Mentioned Five Issues. (The exception here is a doctor that teaches you to be “a doctor of yourself”.)

This is Stuff that You Need To Learn For Yourself, Just Like My 13 Year Old Son Willy first did in late July 2004.

As Some Examples of the Above, addressing these five issues adequately—>

Can cure and/or control autism, depression, ADHD, PTSD, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Addressing these five issues can cure and/or control many other psychiatric labels—>

In fact, the entire DSM is correctable via nutritional and other natural means.

Addressing these five issues can cure and/or control things like fibromyalgia, MS, and alcoholism as well.

These Five Issues of Nutrients, Allergens, Toxins, Bad Biology and Malabsorption ARE CRUCIAL TO ALL HEALTH RECOVERIES, bar none.

This includes physical, mental, addictive, wound healing and anti-aging recoveries.

These Five Issues of Nutrients, Allergens, Toxins, Bad Biology and Malabsorption ARE CRUCIAL TO GAINING, RETAINING, AND/OR RECOVERING HUMAN HEALTH.

[Many persons that are compromised that read the above may feel overwhelmed.

A person that is seriously compromised from a nutrient, allergic, toxic, bad biological and malabsorption standpoint is “in no shape to learn new things”.

The Good News Here is that my son Willy and I accidentally stumbled on to a broad spectrum nutritional supplement protocol beginning in July 2004 that “WILL GET SOMEONE’S BRAIN TO WORK MUCH BETTER” WITHOUT DOING MUCH ELSE other than some gut cleansing measures and some simple allergic food avoidance measures perhaps.  We call this broad spectrum nutritional supplement protocol Willy’s Baggie or Willy’s Baggie ii.  Unfortunately, it is extremely likely one or more of Willy’s Baggie sources has been corrupted such that Willy’s Baggies no longer work like they used to.  This Broad Spectrum Supplement Idea HAD TO BE STOPPED as Far As Its Therapeutic Effectiveness,  or Pharmaceutical Medicine would have fallen to the Truth. ]

Most true healing is simply a matter of education in my mind. The “patient” needs to learn what they need learn to “cure themselves” for the most part. Being taught sure helps vs. one having to learn what all of what needs to be learned totally on their own from scratch (as I did between Sept. 1997 and April 2000 in order to cure myself of bipolar disorder).

I would like to propose the concept of an “educational healing house”… a house where people come “to learn how to become the doctors of themselves” (this primary goal would literally be hung on the front door).

This concept of a self empowering healing house where people can come for a week or two (or more) to learn how to properly apply alternative medicine to their own selves is a new healing model that is sorely needed.

We need to be educated in how to take “good chemical care” of ourselves.

And we need to be educated in how to properly address nutrient, allergic, toxic, bad biological and malabsorption issues in ourselves as well… as this is what “good chemical care” is all about.

A healing house is simply a school with “supplement trials added at your choice”.

It is a place that makes teaching and learning of SELF APPLIED alternative medicine efficient.

This was how my teenage son Willy recovered.

He was educated.

Verbally I taught him “the fundamentals of chemical care”.

Despite his only knowing “these fundamentals of chemical care”, and without reading a single book, Willy became profoundly well from weak and sickly health, an ADHD diagnosis, and classic bipolar symptoms as a child.

He did this by “getting enough right chemically” in which to do so.

He also did this by assuming full personal responsibility for adequately understanding the chemicals in his own body, what his food allergies were, and how his gut works, such that he could become “an effective doctor of himself”.

And amazingly, he did all of this beginning at age thirteen years and eleven months old.

In my opinion, this new educational healing house model that I am proposing, once it is tested, refined, and validated, would result in far more solid recoveries than the obsolete medical model of an allopathic doctor representing (or even implying) that “they are the door though which most healing happens” and “we” are the patient… a patient that has to pay dearly for “spoon fed wisdom” dosed out real slow, and at the rate of about 200 dollars an hour (most doctors make at least this much).

This same principle goes for doctors of alternative medicine.

Alternative doctors should not be the door though which most healing happens as well, while we sit back and get “treated”.

We don’t need them to “spoon feed” us knowledge either, when we are better off just talking to other people, watching educational videos, and/or reading websites and books.

To recover from serious chemical deficiency, and to recover from serious allergic, toxic, bad biological and malabsorptive issues (as virtually all “mental illness” represents), we simply need to learn way too much to pay doctors dearly to orally “spoon feed” us all of the knowledge that we need to know in order to effect wellness on ourselves.

For the same two hundred dollars that I could use to hire a doctor for an hour, I could buy myself a solid little library of a number of good alternative medicine books.

These books clearly represent far more wisdom than an hour long chat with anyone I ever met, doctor or not.

An hours’ worth of spoken words barely represents a few dozen pages, if even that.

Guidance in learning at a reasonable cost by successful recoveries that “have gone through the program and have learned how to heal themselves” sure seems to be a far superior healing model than that which exists today.

If I am right in the above assumption, competent recovered laypersons are likely to become “the true doctors of the future for the most part” (by being health educators that empower people to be the doctor of themselves), with competent alternative doctors covering the remaining issues that such successful recovered laypersons can not cover either competently or well.

Incidentally, for quite some time I have run this idea of an educational healing house by many persons that are familiar with alternative medicine.

This empowering concept of an educational healing house that educates persons how to heal themselves by (a) learning about food allergies, candida, and other malabsorptive issues and how to correct for them, (b) performing many supplement trials under guidance, (c) learning the hows and whys of detoxification and how to detoxify at home, etc. and (d) learning how to clear bad biology out of ourselves really seems to resonate with a number of persons that are “alternative medicine familiar”.

Although it may take decades as slow as progress can be sometimes, I see the possibility of some sort of “new model educational healing houses” in every major city in the U.S. some day.

I say this despite the fact that substantial patient empowerment such as this represents is extremely likely to be fought tooth and nail by both allopathic and alternative medicine alike.

Doctors of all sorts are not likely to willingly give up a great deal of their power, prestige, and money, and support such a healing house model, even if they think it would work.

They are likely to put up a ton of resistance against “full patient empowerment” such as this.

When I was young, I always thought that “the truth would win”.

Unfortunately, there may be a sad ending to this story, as “the truth may not win”.

The FDA has proposed three guidance documents this past year (in and of itself, this is a very unusual event).

The thrust of these guidance documents is anti-supplement, or supplement controlling in some way.

If the FDA, or Codex to follow, takes therapeutic supplements, or takes therapeutic dosages (as they are proposing to both do), out of the hands of the general public, a healing house can never happen.


I am of the opinion that even one educational healing house could quite literally “change the world”, if some of what I know is implemented, and whatever bugs there may be are worked out.

I do know that the video anecdotal evidence that I could rather readily generate in regard to the resolution of depression, when put on YouTube, etc., would be a “shot heard the world over”.

This same goes for bipolar disorder.

I can generate profound recovery stories in a very short time, and these are very likely to be heard around the world if they were videotaped in a “before and after” fashion.

Unfortunately I don’t have the means to do this, and therefore I am probably going to have to wait. [Lack of adequate means continues to hamper me today.  I have had extraordinary difficulty raising money to do what needs to be done for over a decade now.]

I am also of the opinion that the drug industry is aware of me and what I am doing.

I believe that they are behind the parties that have continually hacked into computers I am using, in an attempt to slow me down or discredit me. I also think that they understand the implications of the above paragraph. I don’t know how they are going to react, or what else that they may do other than “hack me”, but they are not too happy with me and what I am saying on the net , that’s for sure. They probably realize that I threaten the entire class of antidepressant meds (with Willy’s baggie, etc.), if not much more. (In the summer of 2006 I told Willy that “we may have been honored to be the two people that light the match… the match that is going to light the fire that is going to burn the drug companies to the ground some day”. I still believe this, more than ever… especially in light of the fact that I have seen Willy’s broad based nutrient approach profoundly help a few persons other than us.)

Unfortunately, I got hacked again last night (August 25th, 2007). My being hacked has been repetitive (at least a dozen different incidents) over the past fourteen months, ever since Willy’s recovery story was widely broadcast to the Internet (in June 2006). I was even hacked in a public library more than once in the past year… that’s nuts.

In my mind, “we are in a race” to prove how effective supplements are, before they are legally taken away from us. I am also of the opinion that my ability to treat depression naturally would greatly help to “win this race” for alternative medical understanding, and perhaps help to save our legal access to supplements in doing so.

I am a bit disappointed to have not gotten any support for what I have learned (and that would be incredibly helpful to the human race), with one exception (and Thanks! You know who you are).

[I have gotten a lot of help from many people since the above paragraph was written in 2007.  Some of this help was, and still is, heroic.]


Allen Darman


This material was prepared by Allen D with critical help from a heroic WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Has Received Heroic Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth!

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