It Will Inevitably Be Found That The U.S. Government Is Knowingly Denying Its Citizens Their Health By Federal Law

The U.S. Government is most certainly aware of both my son Willy and I.

What Edward Snowden did and taught all of the world assured us of the above.

The U.S. Government therefore knows that nutritional supplements and other natural measures are >>>the Proper Manner to Treat and Cure<< ADHD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, sleep disorders, depression and virtually every mental and degenerative illness under the sun.

The U.S. Government also knows that nutritional supplements, electro-medicine and various natural measures are >>>the Proper Manner<<< to gain, retain and recover health from virtually whatever ails one, bar none. (No pharmaceutical drug in the world can stand up to Alternative Medical Truth when it is properly applied.)

The Federal Government is Aware that Alternative Medicine practiced properly represents the Truth, and that drug oriented medicine is a lie. Yet it mandates drugs and drug oriented medicine by law.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Government is so corrupt that the health of the people means nothing, it is Big Pharma’s and Big Medicine’s money (and Mafia pressure that supports Big Pharma) that counts.

The U.S. Federal Government systematically suppresses anything that threatens the medical industry, just as it suppresses anything that threatens any and all conventional energy technologies.

The videos below should be watched by every American, as they represent solid YouTube proof of pervasive and longstanding federal government suppression of free energy technologies.

The first four videos below concern Stan Meyer, an inventor in Ohio that not only invented a water powered car, but invented a way to replace natural gas as well. This brilliant inventor’s ideas could have changed the world, but he was killed before he could bring them to market. This man’s inventions being ignored by the U.S. Government represent a just cause for revolution in America all on their own. All of these inventions were not lost, and could be recreated. There are many YouTube videos regarding Stan Meyer on the Internet. The Google Corporation and the rest of Silicon Valley should back up Stan Meyer’s ideas to the hilt. They should do all that they can to make every American and people the world over aware of this man’s work. If they did this, they would change the world, and corrupt governments would topple, allowing the blossoming of freedom for humanity.

Why is the substantial body of Stan Meyer’s work on YouTube not being used to effect positive change? What are Google and Silicon Valley waiting for? This man’s inventions and brilliant work could easily be the cornerstone to positive change the world over. If Silicon Valley waits too long to use this man’s work to wake up America, either martial law or an EMP attack is going to shut down the Internet for sure. (Incidentally, the same goes for what I know. Even though I seem to have lost Google’s support due to my own stupidity, my body of alternative knowledge is as important and world changing as Stan Meyer’s, assuming I was adequately supported both fiscally and safety-wise before I am killed or the Internet is shut down.)

[more videos coming here in the next few days]

The same thing that is occurring in the free energy arena is occurring in regard to the suppression of any and all significant alternative medical discovery.

What does this mean?

It means a lot of things.

For one it means that all Significant Innovation in America is dead, for it is disallowed by our Federal Government which favors “the Corporations and Their Money”.

It also means that our Federal Government has lost all moral high ground whatsoever.

It means that our democracy is broken.

It means we have no right to interfere with the affairs of other nations and proclaim “a democratic system such as the one we have is the best” when our own domestic affairs are so corrupt and so messed up.

It means that our Federal Government is aware of what is happening on the Internet in regard to the growth of Truth, and that to insure its survival the Federal Government most certainly plans to shut down Internet Freedom in America, as well as Freedom period.

And it means that unless some significant power such as Silicon Valley collectively, or Silicon Valley and the Mafia working together, do not oppose the current Federal Agenda, America is completely doomed, and perhaps millions of Truth Tellers or People that are too Aware will be locked up or killed.

Regardless of how much I may have screwed up by much of what I blogged in February and March of this year, the situation as described in the paragraph above remains the very same.

And regardless of how much I may have screwed up by much of what I blogged in February and March of this year, the Alternative Medical Knowledge and Discoveries I have prolifically blogged about for years are 100% Valid and Still True Today.

Allen Darman