I Have Put The Obamacare Puzzle Together

I Have Put The Obamacare Puzzle Together


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One key clue for me happened repeatedly over the yearswhen a mysterious 1000 people (about) would view a key WordPress blog I had written (such as “Concepts And Ideas To Treat Depression Naturally”, “A Tribute To Bob Beck; A World Class Healer”, “A Real Cure For Schizophrenia Has Finally Been Found”, or “Will The American Public Win The Race Against Big Pharma”), and then “erase my Stat Count”, such that these 1000 people had never looked at what I had written. From these odd mass viewing events, which happened perhaps a half a dozen to a dozen times over the years, I knew almost for certain that there was a Conspiracy of roughly 1000 people behind the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine.

Another key clue for me happened in the fall of 1999when my problems with hackers and being heavily keylogged began.

These “hacking events” did not begin as a result of my learning how to use broad based (broad spectrum) free form amino acids therapeutically, as I did not learn this until months later. Nor did they begin as a result of my son Willy and I co-discovering the therapeutic value of Willy’s miraculous Baggie of Supplements, which did not happen until over six years afterwards.

These “hacking events” began as a result of my learning “better than anyone else” that flawed gut biology needed to be cleared out and replaced in order to properly resolve a state of depression. (This first occurred in August 1999.)

At least some portion of the management of Big Pharma knows the above, and knew it back in 1999.  These people in the management of Big Pharma also know that antibiotics use is the biggest factor in causing flawed gut biology in the first place.  And these folks were paying people to (1) monitor the Internet for threats to their revenue and (2) using hackers to mess with people like me in the fall of 1999 (or perhaps even before—> I only know about when things on the Internet began to become problematic for me).

There is a conspiracy of enormous proportions being foisted upon the U.S.. This conspiracy has its roots in Nazi Germany, just as Big Pharma has its roots in Nazi Germany as well.

It is no accident that the Mafia is Big Pharma’s enforcer.  Italy and Germany were allies in WWII, and Germans and Italians are traditional historical friends.

I often wonder how my fellow Americans would feel, or what they would do, if they knew that Big Pharma and the American Mafia were in bed together, and that the Mafia tries to kill, or actually kills, anyone and everyone in the alternative medical arena that discovers anything that seriously threatens Big Pharma’s revenues. Would this FACT, coupled with the FACT that the Mafia was involved in forcing the passage of Obamacare on the American Public, be enough to cause a Justifiable Revolution in America?  

Incidentally, I know that the Mafia is Big Pharma’s enforcer in a very personal sense for “I am as rare as one can get”—> I have personally survived dozens of Mafia attempts to take my life, beginning in January 2010.  It is a miracle that I am still alive.  I have no clue how much longer I am going to last.  Thank God Google, Facebook and some folks associated with WordPress have become aware of me.  At least when I am finally murdered by the Mafia (while our Federal Government witnesses this via their monitoring of the Internet and does nothing to help me), some persons in Silicon Valley will know “what happened to me”. (It may be worthy to note here that Bob Beck, another alternative medical discoverer, also named the Mafia as Big Pharma’s enforcer.  It is very likely Bob Beck died as a result of being killed by the Mafia, despite the fact his death was listed as being “from a fall”.  One can be easily be hit on the head in a manner which kills you, while it “looks like you could have or did die from a fall”. I had an admitted ex-hit man confirm this to me face to face last summer.)

The United States is being taken down by design, and the German/Italian alliance that I alluded to in the above is “the biggest part of this”.

We won World War II.  The Nazis are extracting revenge on us, using Big Pharma’s toxic medicine, Monsanto’s poisonous GMO’s, things like chlorinated sweeteners such as Splenda that mess with gut biology (anything that hampers or destroys good gut biology is very profitable for Big Pharma), the stupidity of the American Public, the Easy Corruptability of Washington Politicians, and the American Mafia to help them.

Just as our Federal Government tried to label ALL supplements drugs in 2007 as a result of what my son and I had learned about healingObamacare was forced on America due to the very same.

I have suspected the above for years.  I no longer suspectI know.  Too many puzzle pieces fit.

Pharmaceutical Medicine has become too big to fail.  Those behind it would even consider, AND CARRY OUT, an EMP attack on the U.S. that kills hundreds of millions of persons, if the result of such is that “the Hoax of Pharmaceutical Medicine holds up” in the rest of the world.

Nazi thinking underlies Pharmaceutical Medicine.  (I have been told this by a very credible source that I decline to name.  However, some Internet research should confirm this.  If it does not, it was almost certainly scrubbed from the Internet.)

Nazi thinking is “quite comfortable with Mass Extermination”.

Concentration camps are now FEMA camps.  The name has changed, but the story is the same.  Instead of killing just Jews this time, those killed by the millions are going to be political dissidents, and those “that know too much”, especially in regard to the hoax of Pharmaceutical Medicine (but on other topics as well).

Our Federal Government is substantially controlled by persons that think like the Nazi’s did, and is controlled by the Mafia, more than you will ever know.  (These people are good at keeping secrets.  They kill anyone that “will or might tell”.)

A number of people think that “the Jews control our government”. I think that these people are wrong. Our recent abandonment of Israel’s best interests in the negotiation with Iran over their nuclear agenda strongly suggests that persons with Nazi thinking and the American Mafia have greater control over our government than Jewish people do.

Admittedly, a lot of special interests have influence over the Federal Government in America. Anyone with money has the ability to buy votes. It comes down to “who has the most money and the most power over our federal government?”. Big Pharma and their Mafia business partners have the most influence in my opinion.  Obamacare is one of their creations.  Obamacare would never have happened without Big Pharma and Mafia pressure.  This pressure swayed enough votes in the Senate and the House, and then swayed the Supreme Court to call Obamacare “Constitutional”.  This pressure almost certainly swayed President Obama himself to propose such a travesty of freedom in the first place.

Be very careful team (addressed to my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team).  Many may blow off the abovebut both I and my enemies know there is a great deal of Truth in the above.

Lastly, despite my own personal history with the Mafia, and despite whatever they have done in the past, and whatever they are doing in the present as well, I continue to believe that the key to the salvation of America is to get the American Mafia “to Switch Sides”, and pay them handsomely on an ongoing basis for doing so.  Unfortunately, although the American Mafia headquartered in NYC will repeatedly try to kill me, at least at present “they will not talk to me”.  (Perhaps later this will change, but perhaps not as well.)

Allen D with heroic help from Mark J and Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth

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