The Brain Is A Chemical Motor That Needs To Be Fed (10-25-2013)

The Brain Is A Chemical Motor That Needs To Be Fed (10-25-2013)

I sure miss Willy’s Baggies sometimes.

This Simple to Take Broad Spectrum Nutritional Supplement Intervention does quite a few incredible things, to include rather immediately (within a matter of hours) curing Writer’s Block, which I happen to have today.

The human brain runs on vitamins, minerals, and ESPECIALLY amino acids.

Human thought uses, and uses up, amino acids. These critical nutrients are what 99 out of 100 known neurotransmitters are primarily based.

My brain just happens to be short of the above right now.

My Personally taking roughly 150,000 500 mg. capsules of free form amino acids since the summer of 1997, and perhaps another 60,000 to 75,000 capsules of everything else (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, supergreens, HCL, L-carnitine, phosphatidyl choline, etc.) taught me a great deal about the human brain and the human body and “their true chemical needs”.

Pot is an Effective Cheat Fuel for my brain, and really helps with “My Thinking and Writing Creativity”.  However, I don’t have pot any right now.  Also, I have to be real careful smoking any pot in this house, or my sister could toss me out (as she is firmly against such).

If I was in a supportive work environment where I had access to Willy’s Baggies, and could also smoke pot as well, I could write up a storm, and get a ton more done on a daily basis that I am getting done now. (Ah well. Such is life. Maybe someday I will be in San Francisco with my WordPress friends!)

My brain motor will recharge all on its own.

It just needs a little time, maybe a day or so.

I thought that I should post this note to my team, to explain “why progress might be a bit slow today”.

Despite the fact that they are all incomplete—>

We are doing a good job website development-wise… and an extremely important one—>

Mass Awareness of of Widespread Federal Government Suppression of Truth, Retention of American Freedom, and the Success of the Patriot Movement in Starting and Winning a Justifiable Revolution in America may very well depend on our efforts some day.

I love u all.

Allen D

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